A new adventure

Jonny and Sarah
Jonny and Sarah

The last blog we wrote together was about an adventure; a shared journey into our unknown. We were finding our way from country to country and working things out as we went. Trying our best to collect the experiences before they slipped away from our distracted memories.

In about a week and a half (possibly two weeks after that, or maybe even before) a new one will begin. Once more, we’ve read guide upon guide, spent probably too much money on ‘essential’ supplies, packed and repacked the bags in anticipation. This time though, we’ll be taking someone else along for the ride.


The little companion who reassuringly wriggles in my belly, pushing the laptop away as I type. It’s impossible to believe that soon we will meet the bubba, whose name we still can’t find (we’re pretty sure you’re a boy though, Pocky).

It’s our biggest adventure yet, one I’ve waited for my entire life and cannot wait to share with Jonny. Together. I hear things will change like nothing else. But that’s okay! Hurry up, tiny* baby. We’re ready for you 🙂

*I hope

A new adventure

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