Due Date!

40 week sausage fingers
40 week sausage fingers

We’ve made it!! Today I am 40+1 weeks. It’s a funny old feeling, playing the waiting game after so long. A definite state of limbo. I want to keep myself busy and take my mind off the fact that Pocky is showing no signs of arriving any time soon. Yet at the same time, I’m exhausted and the thought of doing anything isn’t very appealing. Doh.

There seems to be a pattern. I’ll find my energy one day, go to the shops, do house things and keep busy all day and then the next I’ll be wiped out and incapable of moving. I think I need to find a balance.

Yesterday, 23rd April, the big day when everyone expects the baby to promptly make it’s grand entrance to the world, was a bit of a right off. I don’t know if it’s the hormones or the anticlimax of the day coming round without a peep. I’ve always been convinced that this little bubba will be late; I’m sure it will be well into May before we see its sweetly wrinkled face. With parents like Jonny and I, it’s hardly likely to be the most forthcoming little bean. Why move from the familiar quiet and cosiness of the nest?

So the DD came around after nine months of anticipation. I’m lucky to say it’s been nine months of excitement and steady happiness. I’ve loved being pregnant. Yesterday however, the hormones decided to do a u-turn. The tears were switched on throughout the day. I woke with swollen wisdom tooth (I’m nearly 31. Why now?) which makes opening my mouth a chore. Following this I had to resend a past Etsy order that had gone missing somewhere between here and California. Whilst wrestling with the new printer, the washing machine decided to malfunction and I found myself on all fours with pots and towels trying to avert the flood on our new floor. Thankfully, my dear mum and dad came swooping in to save me armed with a sandwich and orders to lie down after a pathetic cry for help.

My 40 week appointment with the Midwife was at two thirty (every one of my appointments has been at this time, I can’t help but but be suspicious of my current dental issues). I wasn’t too keen on this lady, with her abrupt and passive manner. She informed me with no hint of a smile that Pocky wasn’t yet engaged which was highly abnormal for a first time mother and that if my waters break I must immediately go on all fours and call an ambulance. Slightly scary. After listening to the heart beat without saying anything for rather a long time, she declared that I must be transferred upstairs to be monitored as it was a little fast for her liking.

I tried not to worry during the hour long wait to be seen upstairs. This time though, the midwife was full of warmth and reassurance that it was perfectly fine not to be engaged. It was a massive relief to hear that Pocky had just been playing and the new readings were fine. Phewee. Whilst strapped to the chair my hero of a husband walked through the door having left work early (incidentally sending pocky’s heartrate right up again). He gathered me up and took me home to the sofa, where I was supplied with an easter egg in front of The Help. With Buddy joining us for snuggles, it was just what I needed.

Pineapple time
Pineapple time

Today the tears and patheticness seem to have passed. Hooray! I will drink all the fresh pineapple smoothies I can, starting in bed. I will bounce on that birthing ball and take some short walks whilst the skies are clear and the birds are singing. Pocky is ok, thank goodness and will come in his/her own sweet time. I must learn my first lesson of mamahood: patience.

Due Date!

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