Say cheese!

5.5 Weeks

On Friday I lay you down on your baby gym to see if we’d get any sort of reaction. We had tried it a few weeks previously and it didn’t make much of an impression. Low and behold, on seeing your menagerie of friends dance above you, your little face lit up with a big old grin.

1st smile

This, sammy, is how you melt my heart completely. You kicked your increasingly-chubby lil chicken legs, bashed the dangling monkey with the dexterity of a teeny blindfolded drunk man and cooed like you were having the time of your life. I think you were. Oh Sammy.

It’s the first ‘proper’ milestone I suppose. Getting you to take your first bottle last week was pretty special, especially for papa to be able to feed you. As was your first bath and the time I got you to hold on to your rattle (proud mama sent photo straight to Nain). Smiles are different though. They come from you. From inside your mysterious little mind, you’re showing us that the time you’re having with us isn’t so scary. In fact it’s pretty fun. It’s a special feeling to get feedback.

The smiles since have been limited. It’s been a tricky week and any waking time seems to have been spent crying (incidentally, we saw your first and only solitary tear roll down your cheek on Tuesday. We very nearly joined you it was so cute and devastatingly sad at the same time. My heart strings…). Thank goodness for dummies and pram rides to calm you down. This tetchy time fell over both our birthdays but you conveniently slept your way through Jamie’s Italian, Kew Gardens and the Tate Modern.





ice cream


mirror bushes

For the last two days, between the squawking, you’ve wanted to feed constantly. I’m not complaining. Although it can be testing at times, snuggling on the sofa all day long, stroking your furry head of rapidly receding hair is a pretty fair swap for going to work in my book. When the evenings beckon, bringing with them the fearful prospect of another sleepless night, I pinch myself and remember what it is I’m getting to do. The chance to cuddle my needy little marmoset all night long will be over far too soon. So I’m enjoying it while I can.


Saying that, I was particularly afraid and exhausted last night. Ten o’clock rolled around and you’d fed nonstop all day, I had no milk to express for the dreamfeed. That meant me staying up and probably waking up at numerous times over the night by your lack of a full tummy. However, after feeding briefly before midnight, you slept soundly until the sun came up. Well done samsam. After four hours of solid sleep, there was no way I could be mad when the little face that looked up at me was all gummy grin and crescent eyes. It’s now 7.30 and from the sofa where we’ve decamped to let papa sleep, I can see blue skies behind the curtains. Any sort of routine we were attempting to start is out of that window but my little boy is a happy one. I’ll take it all thank you.

Say cheese!

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