This blog has been neglected lately (not that I was all that good to begin with).

There are two reasons, I think.

Between you, my little one and starting up a business, my brain has been overwhelmed.

Secondly, I went and told people, didn’t I. People knowing about this space of mine (not that they will ever return, I’m sure), kind of scared me away.

Will I carry on? I want to more than ever. I am an incessant hoarder. A collector of pictures, of tickets, of words; anything that might have a memory attached. I always have been. The thought of not recording everything about this period of my life and letting it slip away with time terrifies me. These moments feel so fleetingly precious that I want to preserve them as best as I can. For me.

So I’m here, all self-conscious. And I wonder if that will change how I write. I cringe at the soppiness of my previous words. But that’s ok I think. I still have a besotted new Mama pass, right?


2 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Nicki says:

    Oh Sarah! Please keep writing! If only for you! I won’t look if you’d rather I didn’t- I know you can make blogspot blogs private or for certain readers only so perhaps wordpress has the same that you could have it just for family. I am the same about forgetting things about this period in min and Joseph’s lives but I’m just accepting that I will forget as it’s just not possible to remember and document it all… Which is heartbreaking. I also start writing and then delete or let posts sit in my drafts but I am just going to care less and publish half cooked ones as I never get round to finishing them and when I go back to them I always hate what I’ve written… But I’d rather have something to help me remember than nothing… And I try to write like no one’s reading as, judging from my stats that is mostly true aside from on a thursday- hehe! Don’t feel self conscious! xxx


    1. Thank you so so much you lovely lady. Your words of encouragement are much appreciated. I will carry on and try not to overthink it. Even if it does end up as far too much soppy drivel… 🙂 xx


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