Sammy lately / Seven Months

He’s sitting well now since about six months (‘about’ – I can’t believe I’ve failed at keeping milestone dates already). Whilst he shows no interest in crawling, he’s constantly grabbing my hands to pull himself up on his feet. No teeth yet but he’s eating like his greedy mama. There’s not much he doesn’t like. I make fish pie, stews and casseroles and he chomps them all up. Dessert though, I think he would climb out of his highchair for.

Aside from last week when he had a nasty itchy virus that sent him out of sorts for a while, he’s still so cheery and calm. You give him a smile and his face lights up in return. He sings along to songs with an ooooh and aaah, his little lips puckering to the sound. No ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ or ‘buddy’ yet as hard as we try. Boy he loves Buddy. Yesterday there was the sound of a cat on the television and he frantically searched the room for him. He’s mesmerized. Buddy is quickly getting used to surrendering fist fulls of fur.

He’s a shy one I think (hardly suprising). When we’re out with other babies, he’ll sit there watching everyone in the room and has started to grab me every few minutes as if to check I’m still there. I love it, but at the same time, I know I need to encourage his independence. I’d like to think we could help him to be more outgoing than we were are.

Clapping is his new thing and he picked his moment to start. We’d just finished decorating the tree when I looked down to see his little hands bashing together with joyful enthusiasm. He looked so pleased with himself and so were we. I’m glad he shares my excitement of Christmas.


Aside from the main milestones, I want to remember:

The fuzziness of the hair on the back of his head.
The way it’s just started to grow over his ears (my little urchin).
The smile when he realises that Papa has come home; he clasps his hands together in delight.
The giggles when I do animal noises as we walk along the pavement. Our jokes.
Our 5 o’clock supply runs to Costcutter in the dark, him all snug in the Ergo Baby Carrier.
The way his legs start kicking when he’s excited – seeing papa, pudding or Buddy.
His slightly nervous temperament – he frightens easily (when a car drove past, when George sneezed on Peppa Pig. Both events resulted in huge amounts of tears. Let’s hope this improves.)
And the extreme close up of his little face as he tries to suck on my nose.

There are hundreds…

Sammy lately / Seven Months

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