A way of life

12 months old
I’ve been away from this a while. Sammy’s first birthday flew past, as have probably a lot of the things I wanted to remember. But that’s ok. Motherhood is in full force. The adventure’s now a way of life… the heavy eyes, the heart-bursting delights and the slight bewilderment are still there, but they are the every day. Juggling is the norm and the best I can do is enough. I hope. Things will never be like they were before Sammy. The perfectionist has had to drop the act and try to acknowledge her achievements each day. The house might be begging for a scrub, it may have been weeks since I’ve eaten a proper lunch besides the scraps Sammy has discarded, but it doesn’t matter. Time has never been so precious.

So I’m not cross at myself for neglecting this space.

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A way of life