Six months later

Pregnancy out a stop to the 52 project. Running a business with a toddler and not a lot of energy put a stop to any surplus tasks, no matter how much I wanted to keep up. So here I’ll just dump a few undedited photos and words while I remember.


 Summer is coming to an end and we’re close to becoming a family of four. Sammy’s speech has come on all of a sudden this past week and it’s really opened our ears to what he takes in. What you think are passing comments as he ignores you in favour of CBeebies, will resurface the next morning.

     In the bath last night as daddy came home ‘daddy take me swimming pool later’. He knows the concept later! That’s a new one. Before, he’d run to the door with his arm bands at the ready if I’d said that to him.

As we were watching tv with our post nap cuddles yesterday, after his final session at buttercups, I told him again how his baby brother will be living with us soon. How I love him so much and I will always love him so much but I’ll also love the baby too. That evening, daddy wouldn’t do. He insisted on snuggling up to me to sleep. Something he hasn’t done since he was a newborn.

This morning he said to daddy, and Hana, ‘not going to Buttercups anymore. Going to Kindegarden’. He’s happy about that one. But he knows things are changing..

All of a sudden I have a big boy, who uses the big toilet with big boy pants (as he likes to tells everyone who’ll listen) and sleep in a big boy bed. He grabs my hand to take me to show me things and his slim little limbs look so long, dangling from the chair at breakfast time.

       I’m so proud of my boy, the little guy who’ll play Duplo all day long if you let him, studying the symmetry of his car transporter or tractor. Meddle with his design if you dare, his creations are studied and assured. Each brick is highly considered.

Sammy I hope I don’t break your heart by sharing my attention. Whoever the little dude is, kicking away in my tummy, he’s going to think you are as awesome as I do. He’s lucky to have such a happy-natured and funny brother as you. Oh the fun we’ll have!

Six months later

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